Project Liberation

Project Liberation is the place to go for youth-led social change workshops!



We are a team of youth members and allies who are trained in anti-oppression,  social justice analysis, and the popular education model. If you want to EDUCATE TO LIBERATE, then get in touch with us by email or fill out this: Workshop Request Form and we’ll get back to you shortly!


SYPP Workshop Catalogue:

If you are a teacher or a member of an organization who would like to invite Project Liberation to facilitate a workshop with your group, here are some descriptions of our most popular workshops:

All of our workshops are facilitated using interactive, participatory activities!


Youth Empowerment 101 for Adults

An introductory workshop that utilizes participants own experiences and stories


Youth Organizing

Provides tools and skills that help youth change from a single voice to a united force for change.


Grassroots Fundraising

A unique approach to raising money. SYPP shares fundraising tactics, inside tips and tricks.


Institutional Racism 101

Goes beyond typical trainings to break down this complicated topic with clear language and fun activities.


Homophobia 101

Shatters stereotypes and misconceptions in a way that interconnects all oppression.


Gender Justice

Bust out of your gender box with this refreshing workshop.


Colonialism, Capitalism and Imperialism

Know your roots and follow these age old oppressions around the globe as they shape our current world.


Anti-Oppression 101

Get a broad sense of the oppression that bind and divide us. Learn how to rise against them and break their hold.


Environmental Justice

Connects the struggles of marginalized people and their often unique environment.


Fill out this: Workshop Request Form if you’re a group or organization looking to expand your social justice lens and we’ll get back to you shortly!



Or build your OWN workshop! Join Project Liberation Educate to Liberate!!!